WATCH OUT! The disinfectant wristband.

Safe with just one squirt.

You always have your “disinfection shower” to hand in the form of a cool wristband. The WATCH OUT! spray tank contains the clever and reliable solution to current disinfection problems, in a very straightforward way and whenever you need it. One squirt and your palm is doused with a gentle disinfectant solution developed especially for WATCH OUT! Just give your hands a rub with the protective fluid and they’ll be bacteria and virus-free. It’s stylish, neat, and sensible. Treat yourself to this small helping of self-care, and give your friends a pinch of cleanliness every now and then.


The WATCH OUT! tank is exclusively for filling with our original WATCH OUT! disinfection solution.

Included in the delivery:

1 chic bracelet in the colour of your choice

M/S = arm circumference 14.5 – 21 cm (length 25 cm, width 5 cm, height 2 cm)

L = arm circumference 19.5 – 25 cm (length 28 cm, width 5 cm, height 2 cm)

2 tanks, 35ml, for filling with disinfectant solution

1 bottle, 100 ml, with a gentle hand disinfectant solution (85 % ethanol & glycerine)